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SIRS, Sepsis, and Severe Viral Infection

In patients demonstrating common symptoms of severe inflammation, we may face an urgent need to identify the cause of the condition. Sepsis is a life-threatening (multi)organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection.  Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is an exaggerated defense response of the body to a noxious stressor. All sepsis meets SIRS criteria, but not the converse. Besides infection, the SIRS criteria may also be met by other etiologies such as dehydration, trauma, or ischemia. CRP, PCT, presepsin, and clusterin are used to aid sepsis diagnosis and for sepsis prognosis. Distinguishing between bacterial and viral respiratory tract infections (RTI) using the viral infection response protein MxA may be crucial in patients with attenuated or immature immune systems, such as post-surgery patients or newborns and infants.

SIRS, Sepsis, and Severe Viral Infection

List of parameters in the panel SIRS, Sepsis, and Severe Viral Infection

Name Cat. No. Size Clinical topic  
CLIA CRP wide-range CL-CRP100 100 tests Sepsis & Inflammation More information
CLIA IL-6 CL-IL6100 100 tests Sepsis & Inflammation More information
CLIA MxA CL-MxA050 50 tests Sepsis & Inflammation More information
CLIA Procalcitonin CL-PCT100 100 tests Sepsis & Inflammation More information
Control set CLIA CRP wide-range CL-CRPCON 2 x 20 tests Sepsis & Inflammation More information

Parameter map

Infectious Diseases
Sepsis & Inflammation
Immunology & Autoimmune Diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases & Salt Metabolism
  • 11-Deoxycortisol unique
  • Aldosterone
  • Angiotensin 1
  • Corticosteroid-binding globulin unique
  • Cortisol
  • FABP-3
  • NT-proBNP
  • Renin
Diabetes & Metabolism Disorders
  • Adiponectin unique
  • C-peptide
  • GAD 65
  • IA-2
  • IGFBP-3
  • Insulin
  • Leptin unique
Fertility & Endocrinology
  • ACTH
  • Androstenedione
  • Dehydroepiandosterone-S
  • Dihydrotestosterone unique
  • Estrone direct unique
  • Progesterone-17-OH
  • Reverse T3 unique
  • Testosteron free
Bone & Cartilage Metabolism
  • Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein unique
  • Calcitonin
  • Parathyroid Hormone
  • Vitamin D-25-0H
Renal Diseases
  • Chromogranin A unique
  • HPV E7*
Stool Diagnostics
  • Campylobcter Ag Stool
  • Helicobacter Ag Stool
Neurodegenerative disease
  • Amyloid Beta 1-40*
  • Amyloid Beta 1-42 *
  • Phospo-Tau*
  • Total Tau Protein*


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