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Discover what KleeYa® platform can do.

German technology together with accurate Swiss production for modern, fast and reliable diagnostics
Virtual tour Automatic pipettor Reagent cartridges Trigger solutions Stackable cuvettes RFID tag reader Anchor® Tips
Automatic pipettor

KleeYa ® pipettes for you. A reagent transfer pipettor with steel needle, and a special cartridge with assay reagents and disposable tips, make pipetting an elegant and contactless process minimising any risk of contamination.

Reagent cartridges

The disposable reagent cartridge package is designed for continuous reagent consumption in vials, which by their design increase the reagent stability on board. Special Dynamic Sealing Caps prevent contamination and reduce the number of stell needle probe wash cycles. RFID tags make the tests maximally flexible and traceable. Reagents are supplied in working dilution – to save your time and ensure the maximum reliability of each test.

Trigger solutions

Working solutions for flash reaction (Trigger 1, Trigger 2) are supplied in a specially designed dispense cartridge, which provides simple, reliable, robust and elegant contactless handling of fluids without the need for pumps or sophisticated pipettors. The cartridges from the rigid outer and flexible inner packaging create an airtight system that prevents the evaporation of Trigger solutions.

Stackable cuvettes

Specially developed square cuvettes ensure easy loading, error-free separation and automatic handling based on pre-oriented insertion into the machine. KleeYa ® cuvettes are stackable, which ensures high tray capacity, reliability, easy operation and space savings during storage and transportation.

KleeYa ® knows perfectly who is who

An advanced camera based barcode reader and two RFID tag readers provide the basis of an advanced platform for work and management of samples, reagents, and consumables. KleeYa ® technology works accurately and thanks to software connectivity to laboratory information system helps eliminate human errors. Because even the best laboratory technician is still just a human being.

Anchor® Tips

Automatic insertion, perfectly precise positioning, reliable release - the original Anchor® Tips with controlled gripping force ensure error-free pipetting without loss of tip. Another detail that will make KleeYa ® the most self-sufficient member of your lab.

Why is KleeYa® worth it?

Why is KleeYa® worth it? An entirely European solution
Why is KleeYa® worth it? Up to 120 tests per hour
Why is KleeYa® worth it? A broad portfolio of assays
Why is KleeYa® worth it? Fully walk-away automated testing
Why is KleeYa® worth it? Intuitive assay control
BioVendor Group diagnostic kits

BioVendor Group diagnostic kits

Extension of KleeYa® platform technology possibilities.

Basic characteristics

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Operating modeFully automated, continuous random access processing
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)133 cm x 70 cm x 147 cm without touch screen
Weight (kg)277
Input power100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Computer operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10
User interfaceLCD touch monitor (integrated)
Detection principleBinding of the immunocomplex to magnetic particles with subsequent detection of chemiluminescence (flash)



Sample integrity checkYes
STAT functionalityYes
Reagent integrity checkYes
Washing stationIntegrated
Integrated code readersCamera/RFID reader
LIS connectionBidirectional


Max. throughput/hour120
Number of different cartridges on board (capacity of reagent cartridges)16
Reaction carouselTemperature 37°C ± 1°C
Sample typeBiological fluids (serum, plasma, urine, whole blood)
Sample tubesAll up to 16 x 100 mm
Capacity of samples on board72


Minimum pipetting volume of reagents≥10 μl
Method of pipetting reagentsPipetting arm
Number of cuvettes stored on board500
Processing volume of cuvettes600 µl
Tip box - capacity192


We will be happy to introduce KleeYa® to you in detail

Contact our specialists who will answer any of your questions.
We will be happy to introduce KleeYa® to you in detail

Learn more about the CLIA method

Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) combines chemiluminescent technology with immunochemical reactions. CLIA technology involves the immobilization of an acridinium ester-labelled antigen-antibody complex on a solid base. Acridinium ester molecules have the dominant property of not losing luminescent activity even after binding to an antigen or antibody. Acridinium ester exposed to an alkaline solution together with hydrogen peroxide causes a flash of light. The onset of light emission usually occurs within a few seconds. The reaction results in generation of light, the intensity of which is directly proportional to the amount of labelled complexes present and allows the quantification of the analyte.

Learn more about the CLIA method

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

KleeYa Wash buffer 4x2 L – Diatron

Cat. No.: 10111002
Size: 4 pc / 2 l

The Diatron Wash buffer is designed for a flash system using an acridinium ester-labelled conjugate. It is used to wash away excess conjugates and molecules that could adversely affect the results of the immunoassay.

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

Anchor® Tip, 300 μl – Stratec

Cat. No.: 10036506
Size: 5760 pc

The original Stratec Anchor ® Tips combine maximum positioning accuracy with a consistent insertion and release process, ensuring reliable pipetting without loss of tip due to controlled grip and seating force.

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

Stackable Cuvette, 1000 μl – Stratec

Cat. No.: 10033666
Size: 3000 pc

A smart solution for sophisticated delivery of cuvettes in fully automated systems. Their four-walled symmetrical design supports automatic manipulation regardless of the plane of symmetry. The KleeYa® offers reliability, simplicity and a compact design for both the feeding mechanism and the packaging.

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

KleeYa Trigger Pack – Diatron

Cat. No: 10111184
Size: 3 pcs Trigger 1, 3 pcs Trigger 2

Working solutions for the flash reaction (Trigger 1 and Trigger 2) are supplied in specially designed cartridges for automated handling. The design of rigid outer and flexible inner packaging prevents the evaporation of Trigger solutions where one cartridge contains solution for 1000 shots.

Consumables for KleeYa® platform

KleeYa Maintenance Cartridge

Cat. No: 10213959
Size: 6 pcs Cartridge + 1 dummy

The KleeYa® Maintenance Cartridge is used for cleaning the liquid touching system in line with the “End of Day Maintenance Task” on the KleeYa® platform. This cleaning procedure is necessary to ensure the proper functionality of the KleeYa® Instrument.

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