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CLIA Mycoplasma IgM

Chemiluminescence kit for the detection of IgM antibodies to Mycolasma pneumoniae in human serum or plasma

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Catalog Number: CL-MyM100
Size: 100 tests
Clinical topic: Infectious Diseases
Diagnostic panel: COVID-19
Respiratory Diseases
CLIA Mycoplasma IgM
  • Detection of IgM antibodies to Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  • Screen for recent or past exposure to M. pneumoniae
  • Intended for human serum and citrate plasma
  • Purified and inactivated antigen of M. pneumoniae enriched with highly specific immunodominant epitopes used

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a primary pathogenic agent of the human respiratory tract. It causes a disease that has been described as primary atypical pneumonia accompanied by fever, nausea, ague, cough, and fatigue. M pneumoniae accounts for approximately 20 % of all cases of pneumonia. The disease is well curable with antibiotics. The pathogen is airborne, spread especially in children’s groups with typical spring and autumn seasons.

In laboratory diagnostics, the immunoassay detection of specific IgA, IgG, and IgM antibodies in human serum or plasma using is used, the automated CLIA tests are beneficial for routine diagnostics.

Primary infection is indicated by IgM antibody increase, during reinfection the antibody level rarely rises. IgA antibodies are usually produced later than IgM and their levels often decrease earlier. IgA antibodies determination is relevant when IgM antibodies are absent or in case of reinfection. IgG antibodies are detected later, and the maximum is reached after a longer period (even 6 months). In case of reinfection, it is necessary to evaluate the dynamics of antibodies in paired samples collected after 1 - 2 weeks.

It is crucial to examine all three classes of antibodies and sometimes even perform reinvestigation of paired samples for proper evaluation of serological findings.

Technical specifications

Technical data
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Technical data

Assay stability30 days on board stability / In use stability until the expiration date at storage temperature 2-8 °C
Sample matrix Serum, Plasma
Assay/kit contentReagent Cartridge with specific reagents for the assay, magnetic particles, calibrators
Complementary productsWash buffer, Anchor® Tips, Stackable cuvettes, Trigger solutions

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