CLIA solution - Demonstration of the power of synergy

The innovative development companies of the BioVendor Group have joined forces to take diagnostics miles forward
CLIA solution - Demonstration of the power of synergy

On a common path

The CLIA solution is the result of many years of close cooperation between the companies of the BioVendor Group - TestLine, DiaSource and BioVendor R&D and our partners Stratec and Diatron, which are the producers of the KleeYa® automated platform.

Our common goal was to bring to the market a fully automated solution, unique in its diagnostic scope, reliability and level of technological sophistication.

Its fulfilment is only the first step on the way to better and more accessible diagnostics, which continues with many other milestones in the form of expanding the portfolio of innovative and established parameters.

We believe that synergistic cooperation is the key to faster development of quality and reliable diagnostic kits that over and over again exceed the limits of existing clinical diagnostics.

On a common path
KleeYa ® technology– Diatron

KleeYa ® technology
– Diatron

Diagnostic kits– BioVendor Group

Diagnostic kits
– BioVendor Group

Who is behind the CLIA solution project?

BioVendor R&D

The development division for innovative biomarkers and technologies – miRNA, NGS, liquid biopsies and immunodiagnostic automation.

Since its founding in 1995, our Biovendor R&D division has been dedicated to research. It continues its efforts in development, production and distribution of immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic products in more than 25 clinical areas. Each one of our 70 employees makes the development of almost 200 immunodiagnostic ELISA kits possible.

One of the pillars of our activity is the introduction of the results of basic research into routine diagnostics. We cooperate with research and scientific institutions, we are members of professional consortia – we help direct scientific activities to address the needs of immunodiagnostic practice. We are currently focusing on two main areas: exploiting the diagnostic potential of microRNAs and introducing automated solutions for innovative biomarkers.


A traditional Czech manufacturer and distributor of IVD products focusing on infectious diseases and immunology.

The TestLine Clinical Diagnostics company was founded in 1993. During our more than 25 years in business, we have become one of the leading players on the IVD market with a wide portfolio of our own products and services.

We take an innovative approach based on long-term experience. The focus of our portfolio is on products for the ELISA and BLOT methods. The results of our development efforts in the field of laboratory automation are the popular SmartELISA kits and our own Microblot-Array multiplex solution.


A manufacturer of products for clinical diagnostics focused on endocrinology, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

We have been developing, manufacturing and distributing products for clinical diagnostics for more than 35 years. We are one of the world's largest producers of radioimmunodiagnostic products. The main pillars of our manufacturing programme are products based on RIA and ELISA technology, including reagents for automated RIA and ELISA analysers. A special feature of our portfolio is panels for diagnostics of vitamin D, steroids, androgens and many other parameters. We also offer tools for automation of ELISA and RIA analyses.

Our main goal is to bring to the market reliable and accurate immunoassays and diagnostic tools and thus contribute to the fulfilment of our common vision of more effective diagnostics.

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