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Fully automated CLIA solution

With diagnostic parameters from BioVendor Group

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New CE IVD CLIA assays - Tetanus Toxoid and Mycoplasma

We are launching new CLIA Infectious Serology Assays to expand your testing options on the KleeYa®️ platform. 

Certified according to IVDR.


Mycoplasma IgA, IgG, IgM

Tetanus Toxoid IgG

New CLIA assays certified under IVDR

TestLine Clinical Diagnostics Ltd., a member of the BioVendor Group and a manufacturer of CLIA assays, has achieved a significant milestone on its journey towards IVDR certification. This certification applies to TestLine's latest products, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the field of serological diagnostics.


Discover more about CLIA Parvovirus B19 IgG and CLIA Parvovirus B19 IgM assays.

Get a clear idea of our CLIA portfolio

At BioVendor Group, we are developing the CLIA portfolio with a vision of maximum complexity. The constantly growing number of parameters thus expand the possibilities of using KleeYa technology.

Have a look at the currently available portfolio.

Ready for your discoveries.

In combination with German technology, an attractive portfolio of innovative and established diagnostic parameters provides a comprehensive chemiluminescence system for diagnostic laboratories.

Versatile, fast, smooth, intuitive – the BG CLIA solution works like a perfectly coordinated orchestra.

We redefine the standards of fluency of diagnostic laboratories and provide results you can rely on.

KleeYa® platform technology – Diatron

KleeYa® platform technology – Diatron

Discover the unique features of the fully automated KleeYa® analyzer.
Diagnostic kits – BioVendor Group

Diagnostic kits – BioVendor Group

Choose from an interesting portfolio of innovative and established parameters from the BioVendor Group laboratories.
KleeYa®. A technology you can easily understand.

KleeYa®. A technology you can easily understand.

A fully automated platform.

Set, run, exit. KleeYa® will take care of the rest and operate independently for a long time thanks to the high-capacity consumable containers.

KleeYa® saves time, and provides perfect accuracy and reliability.

Addictively intuitive controls.

With a graphical user interface, you will learn to control this fully automated system in minutes. Fewer worries about the operation, more work completed.

KleeYa® has been a vital member of the laboratory team since day one.

Are you looking for help? Just click.

Thanks to augmented reality, technical support is available to you at any time, right in your lab. It will advise on operation, settings and minor service tasks.

No more waiting for the technician to arrive.

Unattended walk-away system.

KleeYa® software is designed to minimise the burden on laboratory staff. All you have to do is give the instructions - KleeYa® will take care of everything else.

Efficient automation saves staff costs.

We are with you wherever you are.

A wide distribution network ensures fast support and delivery of consumables wherever you are.

BioVendor Group branches and partners are available on all continents.

We are with you wherever you are.

BioVendor Group CLIA kits: a vision of a growing portfolio to achieve maximum clinical benefit.







BioVendor Group CLIA kits: a vision of a growing portfolio to achieve maximum clinical benefit.

Attractive portfolio of parameters.

The range of CLIA diagnostic kits from BioVendor Group is constantly growing. With a vision of 157 parameters from 12 diagnostic areas, it is one of the most versatile diagnostic solutions on the market.

Unique parameters you won't find anywhere else.

MxA Human Protein is the flagship of a total of 41 unique CLIA parameters that expand the possibilities of your lab.

Focused on ease of use.

We supply all CLIA kits with reagents in a working dilution and CE IVD certified. You can choose the pack sizes to suit your workload.

Unprecedented synergy of three established companies.

Unprecedented synergy of three established companies.

The diagnostic kits are the result from close cooperation between TestLine, DiaSource and BioVendor R&D - companies active in research and production of diagnostics, which share their technological know-how under the BioVendor Group brand.

Hundreds of experts from all over Europe guarantee the quality of the kits.

You already know our CLIA solution.
How will it help your lab?

We bring an increase in device capacity with unique benefits
Is your existing CLIA analyzer fully employed in routine operation?

We bring an increase in device capacity with unique benefits

  • fully automated walk-away system with intuitive software
  • extension of the standard offer of immunoassays with novel parameters
  • immediate technical assistance through augmented reality
We bring an automated solution with minimal staff requirements
Are you bothered by the busy staff and an occasional lack of sample receipt capacity?

We bring an automated solution with minimal staff requirements

  • strengthening instrument capacity enabling parallel work
  • unique diagnostic parameters expanding the range of existing immunoassays  
  • long-term stability of reagents, thanks to the Dynamic Sealing Cap system
We bring speed, a broad portfolio of parameters and easy operation
Are you slowed down by waiting for the EIA results, and do you sometimes need to repeat the analysis?

We bring speed, a broad portfolio of parameters and easy operation

  • fast analysis - results within 25 minutes, and re-analysis possible
  • a comprehensive portfolio of both established and innovative parameters to increase sample receipt capacity
  • fully automated random access analyzer with intuitive software

BioVendor Group’s CLIA solution at prestigious facilities. What do they say?

In the spring of 2023, the immunology department of EUC laboratories started testing KleeYa®️ from Stratec to test antibodies against Borrelia in the IgG and IgM classes. By switching from the ELISA method to the CLIA method, we expected to speed up the process of testing an increasing number of samples. Nowadays, we can say that this expectation has been fulfilled. In addition to the speed of the determination, we also see a specific benefit of the CLIA method in the quantitative determination of the results in units of U/ml, for a better evaluation of the long-term monitoring of antibody titers. I can really recommend this device! It’s fast, trouble-free, and from TestLine you’ll get perfect support for solving any requirements.

Jaroslava Kalaninová MSc, head of the immunology laboratory EUC Laboratories

Installation of the KleeYa®️ device in our laboratory by TestLine Clinical Diagnostic s.r.o. took place very quickly and comfortably in May 2023, including the training of the operating staff. Communication with the company was always at a high level. Working with the analyzer is very user-friendly, and the speed of the examination is also a big benefit, which is appreciated especially by our doctors.

Iveta Zapletalová MSc, Allergology and Immunology Laboratory IFCOR

We have been using the KleeYa®️ analyser since November 2021. Since the first diagnosis of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, we have already transferred most of the ELISA diagnostics to this system. Thanks to this transition, we have significantly improved in the speed of result delivery, for which the clinical part of our organization is very grateful. As we are very satisfied with the system and we want to use the growing portfolio of offered diagnostics as much as possible, we are waiting for the expansion of this analyser with another one, which will further increase the efficiency of our work and we will also get a backup if necessary. 
The background of a Czech company providing diagnostics is also very advantageous.

M.Sc. Miroslav Jořenek, Ph.D., Head of the Infectious Serology and Immunology Department Microbiological Laboratory Hospital Šumperk a. s.

Immunochemical analyzer KleeYa® will provide you with an easy maintenance procedure and user-friendly software that anyone can work with. The device does not take much space in the laboratory and in addition to its smaller size, it also has a simple and modern design. Thanks to the extremely wide range of methods offered in the field of biochemistry and microbiology, it can be used in routine laboratories as well as in the area of research.

RNDr. Miroslava Beňovská, Ph.D and team Institute of Laboratory Medicine & Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic

We were given the opportunity to work with the new KleeYa®️ immunochemical analyzer to determine Covid-19 antibody levels. We especially appreciate that the operation of the analyzer and software is easy and intuitive, and this also applies to the handling of BioVendor Group CLIA kits. Last but not least, the technical background of the entire operation is excellent.

Mgr. Andrea Adámková, head of the laboratory and RNDr. Nikola Žárská, analyst Hospital Tišnov, Czech Republic

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